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Silicon Valley-based startup SchoolHacks, which specializes in organizing hackathons specifically created for school-aged pupils, has been acquired by JetLearn, an Amsterdam-based e-learning platform that aids kids in learning modern technology skills.

About SchoolHacks:

SchoolHacks was started in 2017 by Yash Narayan and has since attracted thousands of kids from more than 40 nations.

Narayan will join JetLearn as a strategic advisor as part of the transaction to aid in growing operations and SchoolHacks’ international reach.

“After having a life-changing experience participating in hackathons as a young person, I founded SchoolHacks. At the time, I was frequently the lone student present at these gatherings for seasoned adult programmers,” recalls Narayan.

Narayan further said, “My goal with SchoolHacks was to motivate students to use their entrepreneurial ingenuity to develop novel technological solutions to solve important issues by building a fun and encouraging environment for them. I’m delighted JetLearn will continue this effort to have a greater global influence.”

About JetLearn:

Abhishek Bahl founded JetLearn in 2021 to connect the best 1% of teachers with expertise in teaching Web 3.0, AI, and robotics with students aged 6 to 16.

Based on their beginning level, learning rate, and interests, each child has a unique learning route that is powered by the company’s AI technology.

The Dutch firm uses world-class curricula and motivating instructors to provide live 1:1 online classes, engaging workshops, and training for competitive hackathons for kids.

Users who sign up for a monthly membership get access to instructors for online live instruction that is supported by assignments and self-study activities.

Mentors from prestigious Silicon Valley companies can be contacted by secondary school students who are approaching college age.

“Opportunity is not uniformly distributed, but talent is. Every business and every employment will be in technology in the upcoming ten years. The abilities that will be crucial for the builders of the future are Web3, robots, and AI, according to Abhishek Bahl, founder, and CEO of JetLearn.

“The innovative engagement and creative teamwork style used by SchoolHacks accelerates JetLearn’s objective to enable children to become the architects of a tech-driven future,” Abhishek continued.

Together with SchoolHacks founder Narayan, the keynote address was given by Kirthiga Reddy, the first female investing partner of the SoftBank Vision Fund and co-founder and CEO of Web3 business Virtualness.

“I’ve seen time and time again that the next-gen offers a crucial glimpse into the pervasive patterns of tomorrow,” she claims. Through SchoolHacks, I once more felt the power of next-generation technology.

Image Credit: JetLearn


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