Desana, an Edinburgh-based B2B hybrid workspace platform, created an app that workers can use to reserve desks and meeting spaces throughout the workspaces the startup partners in reaction to the demand for flexible coworking.

About the future of employment, numerous articles, studies, and predictions have been made. However, the post-pandemic implementation of widespread hybrid models is still in its early stages around the globe.

And here comes Desana, to solve the problem with its B2B hybrid workspace.

Funding Details:

The Scottish business has now declared the completion of a $7.4 million financing round. The financing round was spearheaded by JLL Spark Global Ventures, another major global proptech investor, and PT1 – PropTech1 Ventures, Berlin-based proptech investors. Pre-seed investors included Belfast VC Techstart Ventures, Groundbreak Ventures, and BGF.

Desana, a company that offers on-demand workspaces, was established in 2019 by Michael Cockburn, Steve Jeans, and Ro Ramtohul. With a team spread across the UK, USA, and Canada, Desana now offers employers on-demand access to workspaces in over 600 cities and 60 countries, much like Uber.

With the help of this round of funding, the company expects to expand its enterprise clientele, which already includes Github, Twilio, Sonos, Elastic, and Splunk, especially in the United States.

In a time when costs are rising and office space remains one of the highest business expenses, the WeWork competitor gives employers the option of consolidating expensive real estate obligations, cutting workspace overheads by 65% to 95%.

Customers can instantly access the entire global market for flexible workspaces through a single interface, consolidating real estate obligations. Employers can now provide room to workers anywhere in the world and only be charged for the actual hour’s used thanks to new technology.

Additionally, businesses can incorporate their own offices into the platform, offering a unified approach to managing worldwide hybrid working patterns and monitoring precise workspace statistics for long-term real estate decisions. It makes it possible to scale up hybrid and flexible working environments as well as remote hiring strategies, both of which are highly desired by employees.

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Desana’s CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Cockburn, said: “We’ve come a long way from launching our first product from our living rooms in Edinburgh to working globally with some of the biggest businesses in the world as they radically rethink the way they use office space.”

Michael added, “Desana was founded before one of the most significant changes in work culture in recent memory, and this unheard-of change has been a major driver of our development. But considering how much has changed in this sector, we think there is still a lot more to come.”

We are extremely appreciative to have such knowledgeable partners who share our outlook on the future of work. We are all very excited to continue empowering businesses by giving them a method to utilize real estate that is beneficial to their people, their operations, and the environment.

“Desana has created a best-in-class platform to help businesses handle the challenge of managing a distributed workforce with a hybrid or flexible model,” said Tanguy Quero, Investment Principal at JLL Spark Global Ventures.

He continued, “For management teams, their solution combines the simplicity of deployment and scalability with excellent user experience for workers. We are honored to collaborate with Desana in their effort to address a pressing issue facing the real estate sector right now.”

Image Credit: Desana


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