Fresh dog food startup Marleybones, which is well-known for its pantry fresh® solution, has announced a new €1 million seed funding round.

The round was led by JamJar Investments, a VC firm founded by the people behind Innocent Drinks, with additional support from consumer investor Active Partners.

Other participants in the round, including a group of well-known veterinarians from Animal Health Angels, tech unicorn entrepreneurs, digital marketing specialists, and consumer specialists, have also recognized Marleybones’ aim to revolutionize dog food. After its recent UK openings at Waitrose and Whole Foods Market, the additional money will be used to strengthen the Marleybones staff, enhance its web presence, and increase its retail footprint.

Marleybones was founded in 2020 by Josephine Rode Bager and Mikala Skov.

The simplest way to feed fresh without using the freezer is with Marleybones Pantry Fresh® meals, which provide a unique solution by providing the nutritional advantages of a fresh, home-cooked diet in a shelf-stable format and environmentally responsible packaging. Moreover, Marleybones uses the pantry fresh technology, which is similar to the TetraPak liner in fruit juice cartons, to gently steam cook their freshly prepared ingredients in the pack without the need for preservatives.

Partners Statements:

Co-founder Josephine Bager of Marleybones commented on the investment round, saying:

“Our founding mission of making dogs healthier and happier is what drives Marleybones. We will be able to keep our word and provide care for more dogs than ever before thanks to this donation. We’re enthusiastic about what this investment will bring about for our community, having witnessed the advantages in both my dog Marley, and the clients we’re fortunate enough to serve.”

Mikala Skov, co-founder of Marleybones, said:

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have partnered with industry leaders in veterinary care and category-defining consumer brands. Furthermore, their contribution and assistance will enable us to fulfill our goal of enhancing the lives of dogs and making fresh dog food more widely available.”

JamJar Investments and Innocent Drinks creator Richard Reed stated:

“We are ecstatic to be working with Marleybones at this exciting point in the growth of their company. Pantry fresh® dog food, a cutting-edge approach to canine nutrition from Marleybones, skillfully combines the convenience of standard dog food options with the exceptional quality of fresh ingredients. Further, in the upcoming months and years, we’re excited to help Mikala, Josephine, and their growing staff introduce their wholesome and practical dog food to a growing number of dogs, pet parents, and merchants.”

Expansion Plans:

Since its debut, Marleybones has shown to be a reliable option for dog owners looking for fresher, tastier, and healthier solutions. Through direct-to-consumer methods, its yearly sales have increased to £1 million, and it has earned a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. Along with Waitrose and Whole Foods Market, it recently debuted, and in the upcoming months, it intends to expand into other stores. Marleybones was also a part of the sixth cohort of startups that Leap Venture Studio, a pet care startup accelerator, was supporting.

Since just 2% of female founders in the UK currently receive venture capital funding, Marleybones’ achievement is all the more impressive. Marleybones, a start-up created by women, is an advocate for increased diversity and inclusivity in the business world.

Image Credit: Marleybones


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