DeWiz, a Swedish startup that uses stimuli to teach motor skills, has raised SEK 43 million ($4 million) in a Series B fundraising round. The money is earmarked for the company’s deWiz Golf venture. The original investment group took part in the oversubscribed financing round, together with new investors like Vijay Singh and Annika Sörenstam, worldwide deWiz ambassadors, and Patrick Rees, inventor of Bygghemma.

DeWiz’s wearable swing-modifying technology will be promoted by funding through increased marketing, global expansion, product development, and manpower to accommodate future growth.

“This latest round of funding will accelerate the global expansion of our golf swing modifier, which has gained enormous traction over the past year at all levels of the golf industry, including instructors, professional tour players, and club golfers. As deWiz continues to push the boundaries of technology and learning,” said Jesper Kärrbrink, chairman of the board, deWiz AB.

Jesper added, “This round of funding strengthens our deWiz golf business going forward, and we’ll now concentrate on obtaining more money to continue developing other uses for our patented, stimuli-based technology,” said Jesper Kärrbrink, chairman of the board, deWiz AB.

Matching our Series-A capital round from the previous year, this fundraising effort demonstrates the potential of deWiz by overcoming geopolitical and economic hurdles and broadening the reach of our investor base. According to Christian Bergh, co-founder, and CEO of deWiz AB, “As we expand, we’re creating a U.S.-based investment entity and opening up new markets for our global golf technology as well as new technology solutions for other sports and sectors for our unique approaches within wearable tech.

“As we continue to deliver deWiz Golf’s revolutionary swing data to coaches and golfers, from the world’s elite to beginners attempting to cure their slice, it has become a part of the basis of deWiz’s most recent funding round. According to Markus Westeberg, cofounder and chief product officer of deWiz Golf AB.

“We’ve added a new layer of easily accessible swing data that helps golfers better understand precisely what they are doing in every swing, removing the guesswork and giving them concrete data points to hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer,” continued Golf.

DeWiz is a ground-breaking wearable technology created in Malmö by co-founders Markus Westerberg (PGA Professional, Ljunghusen Golfklubb) and Christian Bergh. It combines precise measurements of golfers’ swings with real-time biometric feedback to speed up learning via neuroscience.

The deWiz wearable, which has been in development for more than five years, monitors the precise location of a golfer’s hands during the swing. It provides a 3D analysis and delivers data via an intuitive interface, enabling golfers to consistently hit the ball farther, straighter, and closer.

The deWiz Coaches Program offers teaching professionals a cutting-edge new method of coaching by giving students useful, real-time data that they can use to improve their performance and continue tracking their progress between courses. Benefits of the deWiz Coaches Program for certified golf instructors include affiliate RevShare programs, access to cutting-edge statistics, and special onboarding services.

deWiz is available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and South Korea. Through innovative data and technology, deWiz empowers individuals to realize their potential and objectives.

Image Credits: deWiz


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