Google has always been passionate about fostering a vibrant economy and fresh business concepts. The tech giant most recently launched a startup accelerator to advance the circular economy in Pakistan.

People must innovate and develop excellent economic solutions since Pakistan, in particular, is suffering from the hazardous repercussions of climate change, which is affecting the entire Asia-Pacific region. Exactly this will be enhanced by Google Startup.

Organizations that employ technology to address circular issues will be chosen for the program. Reusing, refilling, recycling, composting, fashion, food, safe and circular materials, and general environmental conservation are some of these difficulties.

Since it is home to more than 60% of the world’s population, Asia-Pacific is a significant region of the world. This translates to a population of somewhere around 4.3 billion people, which requires administration. Over the past 50 years, poor management and population growth have significantly exacerbated pollution in these areas.

Only ten rivers, according to a study, are responsible for 90% of the plastic in our oceans. The fact that eight of those ten rivers are located in the APAC area is remarkable. These are now actual issues that can only be resolved through innovations and the right framework.

With the help of this program, Google will assist not only Pakistan but the entire APAC region in developing a more sustainable economy. Sustainable in this context refers to an economy that is more fair, sustainable, and secure for every person.

A combination of one-on-one and one-to-many learning sessions, technical support, and mentoring from Google employees and outside experts will be provided to any business or organization that is selected by Google.

The Google Startup Accelerator application period runs from October 4, 2022, to November 14, 2022. It is planned for the program to begin in February 2023.

Image Credit: Google


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