Ripe, a product-led sales platform, has closed $2 million in a funding round led by Alliance Venture and Earlybird Venture Capital. Ripe will use the fresh funds to grow its team and accelerate product development.

Additionally, top founders and investors Johannes Schildt (Founder & CEO Kry/Livi), Fredrik Nylander (CTO Kry/Livi), Per Emanuelsson (Soundtrap Acq. Spotify), and Minoo Zarbafi (SVP Bertelsmann Investments) have joined as backers along with sales executives from B2B SaaS heavyweights Sara Brooks (VP Sales @Pleo) and Christian Finstad (VP Sales @Mentimeter).

“The industry is going through a significant shift, and it’s an exciting time. Our goal is to provide the necessary context to the software sales and success teams so they can concentrate on moving the customer relationship forward. Our team is now expanding swiftly, and it’s an honor to welcome new builders,” said CEO Elin Lütz.

Paul Klemm, a partner at Earlybird, added: “The way that corporate software is purchased has changed, giving the end-user much of the purchasing power. However, there is no infrastructure in place that would let buyers and sellers interact right once. A big opportunity exists if this relationship is entered into at the proper moment and in the proper way.

SaaS bottom-up motions are developing quickly, and teams are faced with new problems that standard go-to-market stacks cannot address. In-depth knowledge of how people interact with their products is essential for sales teams to be successful. In all phases of the lifecycle, including acquisition, onboarding, and success, businesses struggle to surface the appropriate data and act on it.

In 2021, Elin Lütz and Jonatan Dykert founded Ripe, a company whose end-to-end platform turns the data they already collect into useful information. It has created a platform for product-led sales that enables B2B businesses to identify and interact with their most pertinent users and clients.

Utilizing the platform, revenue teams may combine CRM and product data to identify and pursue high-priority sales prospects. The platform locates the best possibilities and directs them directly to the appropriate company representative. Then they can interact with revenue teams directly within the products they are selling.

Image Credit: Ripe


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