The digital healthcare sector offers over 350,000 wellness apps, telemedicine services, and digital therapies to customers directly. With so many options available online, it’s understandable why customers and employers feel overloaded.

This problem has been addressed by London-based Syndi Health, which has developed a novel support strategy that may be used to help patients earlier in their health journeys and shorten lengthy waiting lists for medical care. It offers an architecture for providing tailored and efficient digital health support within organizations to achieve this.

Syndi Health obtained $2 million in grant and equity money to advance this. The funding is provided by some of the most well-known figures in the UK’s health, technology, and insurance industries as well as Innovate UK, the government agency for innovation that previously supported Aegiq.

Plug and Play, based in Silicon Valley, Remus Capital, Neo Kuma Ventures, UK-based Founders Factory, Syndicate Room’s Access Fund, and several angel investors are among the participants in the oversubscribed pre-seed round.

The money will be utilized to further the platform’s development, expand the Syndi Health team, and hasten the growth of its B2B clientele.

To expand its user base and gather more clinical evidence, Syndi Health will also put its pilot projects with both public and private healthcare providers, as well as employee benefit programs, into action.

Together with the University of Plymouth and Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Syndi Health has also received a £400K grant from Innovate UK as part of their Biomedical Catalyst initiative. Over the following 18 months, the grant money will be used to validate the Syndi Health platform inside the NHS.

“We started Syndi Health knowing that we didn’t want to add additional noise in the digital health sector,” said Ben Lakey, the company’s co-founder. Rather, we intended to assist healthcare providers and insurers in giving individuals a way to create their own safe and secure path to digital care.”

Ben Lakey continued, “Because we were co-founders, we wanted to make resolving this issue simpler because we had both felt frustrated by not receiving help at an early enough stage. Our committed team is creating a business and solution with a significant global impact that will bring order to the unorganized digital health market. Up to this point, we have received very favorable user feedback, established relationships with over 40 digital health services, and amassed a sizable pipeline of licensing clients.

The clinical director at Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust, Professor Rohit Shankar MBE FRCPsych, stated, “We are intrigued by the research and commercial potential of the Syndi Health platform. It will give us insight into how to better assist the mental health requirements of our people and provide them with the timely access to individualized digital support they require, which is priceless.

“Ben, Jorge, and the rest of the Syndi Health team have found a way to produce an impactful product that offers distant, immediate, and effective digital treatment,” stated Damien Marmion, the former CEO of AXA Global Health.

Ben Lakey and Jorge Alexander established Syndi Health in 2020 in London. They created the platform after waiting more than ten months to receive mental health care.

The dashboard from Syndi Health may be used to track health and wellness statistics, and capabilities for budget allocation and vendor management can be used to manage vendors.

Syndi Health offers enterprises an all-in-one solution for their digital health requirements, streamlining management and procurement. It improves health outcomes while costing as little as possible, and both patients and employees benefit from it.

The startup, which operates to make digital healthcare more affordable, accessible, and intelligent, has developed an AI platform that enables healthcare and insurance organizations to promote user engagement and adoption of third-party wellness apps and telemedicine services that are tailored to each user’s needs.

In 2020, Syndi Health introduced its student-focused solution and onboarded more than 20,000 customers from more than 1,300 different schools, colleges, and institutions in the US and the UK.

By establishing a pilot contract with one of the biggest healthcare charities in the UK, it is now concentrating on employers, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.

Image Credit: Syndi Health


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