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Synthara, a Swiss semiconductor pioneer, announced the completion of €10.5 million in funding to expand embedded applications and bring in-memory computing to the masses.

Vsquared Ventures leads the round, which also includes OTB Ventures, Hermann Hauser’s Onsight Ventures, Deep Tech Labs, and current investors High-Tech Gründerfonds, DeepIE, Excellis, ZKB, and Sandeep Raju, the first investor and early believer. Hermann Hauser has also joined the company as an advisor. Previous investors include HTGF, DeepIE, Excellis, and ZKB.

This funding will allow Synthara to launch its innovative patent-pending product, ComputeRAM, in embedded computing applications.

There is an explosion of AI-rich embedded applications such as robotics, sensors, and wearables, with the market currently worth over $200 billion and expanding at a CAGR of more than 15%. These applications surpass the capabilities of traditional embedded devices due to their sophistication. Embedded device manufacturers are navigating an increasingly complicated ecosystem of hardware and software products, resulting in rising prices and time to market. Moreover, solving these issues requires a paradigm shift in computing technology. ComputeRAM improves microcontrollers’ energy efficiency and latency by adding computing capabilities to traditional on-chip storage. These high-performance and versatile microcontroller chips can address a wide range of AI-rich applications, cutting costs and time to market while opening up new options for chipmakers and device manufacturers.

Manu V Nair, Synthara’s Co-Founder and CEO, stated:

“With ComputeRAM, we aim to empower a new generation of feature-rich products, limited only by developers’ inventiveness. Additionally, this foundation round enables us to collaborate directly with our early adopter network as they create game-changing chips and products.”

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Patrick Tucci, Principal of Vsquared Ventures, stated:

“We are about to experience a paradigm revolution in computing, with in-memory computing leading the way. The bottleneck of data movement is most obvious in edge applications. Smart gadgets must execute complicated, concurrent algorithms. Space constraints and low power demands exacerbate this challenge. Further, to continue advancing and fostering creativity, we need high-performance, drop-in solutions like Synthara’s ComputeRAM.”

Karol Szubstarski, Partner at OTB Ventures, added:

“The developing in-memory computing (IMC) paradigm is poised to alter the industry, allowing it to avoid data transfer bottlenecks in traditional chip architectures that affect energy consumption, performance, and latency. Synthara makes it simple to integrate the core ideas of IMC technology into current chip designs without requiring any substantial architectural changes.”

Synthara raises venture funding and participates in major European initiatives like Rebecca, Centric, and Tristan, focusing on advanced computing and next-generation AI applications. The company has also received significant funding from Innosuisse and SERI, including a recent CHF 2.5 million Swiss Accelerator award to create next-generation edge AI processors.

Image Credit: Synthara


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