Love Cocoa, a sustainable chocolate company, has just announced the funding of €4.8 million to create the next wave of chocolate innovation guided by moral principles.

Richard Koch, the author, and businessman behind Grind, Plymouth Gin, and Betfair, was the driving force behind the new €4.8 million investment.

The renowned Mr. Cadbury’s great-great-great grandson started the London-based business, which is now prepared to grow.

The money will go toward expanding the senior management team of the company, opening its first physical location for retail sales, and expanding retail distribution.

The food that makes people happy all across the world is chocolate. However, the chocolate industry has developed a less-than-stellar reputation in various areas, particularly in terms of sustainability (or lack thereof).

To remedy this, Love Cocoa was established in 2016 and has since established itself as a chocolate company renowned for its ethical and sustainable ideals for both people and the environment. To reinvent the future generation of the chocolate industry, the firm was founded by James Cadbury, a descendant of one of the industry’s founders.

“I’m thrilled to have Richard and his team’s support,” says James Cadbury. I’m thrilled to be collaborating with him to drive the strategic development of Love Cocoa and H!P Chocolate, assisting in their transformation from challenger brands to titans of the chocolate market.

Love Cocoa and H!P Chocolate is leading the way in innovative sustainable chocolate, according to Richard Koch. I’m excited to help the company through the next phase of its amazing journey.

Love Cocoa, a London-based company, launched as the UK’s first letterbox-friendly chocolate service in 2016. It has since evolved into two chocolate brands: the upscale Love Cocoa and the vegan H!P Chocolate.

Both brands are well known for supporting sustainably produced, slave-free chocolate, and plastic-free packaging, and promise to halt deforestation and climate change. Ethical ideals are at the core of both operations.

2020 saw the unveiling of the startup’s “Plant A Tree” pledge, which commits it to plant a tree for each product bought. Over 1.5 million trees have been planted by the company so far in East Kenya and North Africa.

With this additional financing, the firm hopes to continue creating a new generation of chocolate makers who place a higher priority on ecological and moral principles.

The money will be used to launch physical storefronts under the Love Cocoa brands, making the product available to customers outside of current collaborations with retailers. Additionally, it will be utilized to expand the staff and spread the vegan chocolate option.

“We’re pleased to be entering physical retail later this year and opening our first Love Cocoa store,” said James Cadbury. “We recognize the opportunity to innovate with our new stores that offer distinctive, memorable experiences as retail shifts to an omnichannel strategy.”

James Cadbury further said, “Additionally, consumers are eager to return to brick-and-mortar stores, which provides us the chance to offer sensory chocolate experiences that are incomparably superior to those found while shopping online. We are eager to open our first store since we believe this will be a true game changer for the industry.”

Image Credit: Love Cocoa


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