Immersive Fox, a digital startup specializing in AI-generated videos for sales and corporate communication, has received a €3.3 million Seed fundraising round to support the advancement of patented AI technology that enables customers to create an endless amount of video material using their voice and face. Three renowned venture capital firms—Redseed VC, Monte Carlo Capital, and Altair have contributed to the fundraising.

“This significant investment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, who work together diligently to bring a wealth of experience and professionalism to the table,” says Alisa Patotskaya, CEO and Founder of Immersive Fox. We’re all eager to see how this breakthrough changes the industry, including my team and investors.

The company has received funding to advance the development of its cutting-edge technologies. Product and R&D plans include a video analytics tool, an embeddable video player, UI animations and captions, and full body movement synthesis from the text.

Following the boost, Immersive Fox plans to double the size of its staff by the end of the year to expand into new markets and fortify client ties, as well as enhance sales and draw in fresh talent.

One of the biggest investors in Immersive Fox’s most recent round, Eugene Belov, managing partner at Redseed VC, said Artificial Intelligence “came to the foreground of the investing community throughout 2022. The enormous disruptive potential of this technology became more widely understood with the emergence of generative AI and LLMs. However, the ultimate worth of any new technology is determined by how well it resolves and makes simpler current issues and challenges. Although we were very impressed with Immersive Fox’s tech stack and stellar team, it was the company’s laser-sharp emphasis on the sales & marketing use case that convinced us to invest.”

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“This use case has, up until recently, seen very little innovation or disruption over the years. We firmly believe that by continuously adjusting their offering to the demands of their customers, Immersive Fox and its technology can provide enormous value for sales teams across a variety of industries,” Eugene Belov added further.

Founded in 2021, Immersive Fox provides a better option to traditional video content production, which is frequently painful, time-consuming, and expensive for sales and marketing professionals. Immersive Fox currently has a large number of customers on a waitlist across the fields of sales enablement, customer communications, learning & development, and corporate communications.

Some people have questioned whether email marketing is dead as social media marketing grows. However, video triumphs over text when it comes to grabbing viewers’ attention: viewers remember 95% of a message when they see it on video compared to 10% when they read it in a text. Despite this, few people have the means to create it in large quantities. Immersive With Fox’s approach, customers can produce personalized movies in big quantities in only one minute, generating on average one minute’s worth of sales videos and cutting seven minutes off the closest competitors. This helps firms expand by improving customer experiences, streamlining processes, and opening up new growth opportunities.

The company places a high priority on privacy and security and has taken proactive steps to avoid the theft of customized avatars by clearly specifying ownership in contracts. All data is also securely stored on the company’s computers, guaranteeing privacy and peace of mind.

Image Credit: Immersive Fox


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