Vasile Tiple, a former general counsel for UiPath, announced on Wednesday the launch of Goodlegal, along with a €1.2M pre-Seed investment round. Goodlegal is a platform for legal infrastructure.

Earlybird Digital East Fund, one of the original UiPath investors, took the lead in the investment. In addition to Daniel Dines and the newest CEE venture capital fund, Underline Ventures, Credo Ventures also took part in this round.

By utilizing technology and authoritative content, Goodlegal seeks to provide businesses with an “out-of-the-box” legal operations framework that will aid in their adherence to the law.

“We are beginning our quest to reinvent legal,” adds Tiple, “and we want to enable our customers to focus on their businesses, create fantastic products, and become self-sufficient.” Our goal is to make the law simple, understandable, and useful.

There isn’t a platform available right now that can provide the prebuilt legal framework required for a company’s regular activities. According to Goodlegal, the whole legal IT market was created around a small number of functions without taking into account what a business could want to be legally compliant.

Even the end-user legal market had two divergent paths: first, tools were created for outside attorneys, and then, on other hand, tools were created for in-house attorneys. Goodlegal is addressing both of these peculiarities in the legal sector by attending to the needs of both law firms and in-house attorneys.

By offering individuals and organizations a legal infrastructure platform to promote frictionless engagement with the stakeholders, Goodlegal bills itself as a one-stop shop for legal compliance.

Every organization can easily set up a strong framework for legal compliance and business operations thanks to the various functionalities it offers, including a drag-and-drop document builder, pre-built documents, an editor, text analysis, and e-signature.

According to Vasile Tiple, “We want Goodlegal to be the standard for building your legal infrastructure, the ‘legal operating system’ that the business community accepts. Our short-term objectives include becoming the go-to legal platform for all startups and assisting them in freely moving on to the next phase of their company’s development, but our medium- and long-term objectives also include large enterprises, for which we are building various integrations, and creating a Goodlegal ecosystem for any business, regardless of its size or industry.

Engineer and scientist Alexandru Caciulescu has collaborated with companies including J.P. Morgan and UiPath. In the scholarly and open-source communities, he is equally well recognized. He concentrates on developing and enabling technologies that are dependable, safe, and trustworthy in his area of expertise, software security. He is a well-known figure in academia in addition to being the CTO of Goodlegal. He mentors the local startup scene and teaches a variety of subjects at the University Politehnica of Bucharest.

Image Credit: Goodlegal


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