Peckish, an Amsterdam-based B2B startup that automates inventory management and optimizes the supply chain to enable sustainable growth for F&B businesses has raised €100K in a new round of funding.

Antler, a Singapore-based early-stage venture capital firm, invested in the funding round.

Antler intends to establish thousands of businesses around the world that deal with real issues. It collaborates with individuals from 25 cities on six continents to establish and scale high-potential firms that take on significant opportunities and problems.

The company has already backed over 600 businesses in a variety of markets and technology and has aspirations to support over 6,000 by 2030.

Ronald Jan Schuurs, Partner at Antler, says, “We are pleased to partner with Peckish to address the issue of food waste, labor shortages, and rising food costs.”

“It was immediately apparent that the entrepreneurs, Harpreet and Sebastien, have extensive knowledge in the restaurant business. They both have active families in the industry, and their time at Uber Eats has given them invaluable insights into how to significantly improve the lives of restaurateurs, the author continues.

Peckish, a B2B startup founded in 2023 by Harpreet Singh and Sebastien Pradier, promises to revolutionize the restaurant industry by utilizing AI and digitalization to handle important challenges including labor shortages and rising food costs.

In a statement, Peckish notes that since COVID, there have been labor shortages in the restaurant sector and rising food prices, which have made it challenging for enterprises to prosper.

Despite this, manual data entry and analysis—which can take up to 20 hours per week for each site, or half of an employee’s salary—remain a challenge for restaurant owners and managers. Additionally, the food supply chain’s lack of transparency and flexibility results in inefficiencies like delivering wrong or spoilt commodities and having to meet minimum order requirements that compromise freshness or necessitate expensive expenditures.

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B2B startup, Peckish is developing a smart operations platform to address this problem by fusing supply chain connections, computer vision, and predictive analytics. Restaurant managers will be able to make decisions faster and with greater understanding thanks to this platform’s actionable information and automatic recommendations. Peckish asserts that it may up to 10 times cut restaurant management costs, saving time and money, as well as lowering food waste and promoting sustainability.

“With Peckish, businesses of all sizes can now have access to cutting-edge tools and digitization solutions that were previously only available to large restaurant chains,” claims Singh.

According to Singh, “This democratization of technology can empower small to medium-sized businesses to compete, thrive, and get past labor shortages and rising food prices in a way that was previously unattainable.”

According to Peckish, the money will be used to grow the business and have an impact on the restaurant sector. The funds will be used to increase their customer base, develop new services, and enhance their AI algorithms.

Antler’s investment is a huge vote of confidence in our mission and the potential effect of Peckish, according to Singh. We are thrilled to collaborate with Antler, benefit from their knowledge, and expand the availability of Peckish in restaurants across the world and Amsterdam.

Peckish’s next move will be to actively collaborate with restaurant owners and managers to enhance their platform and address some issues. Peckish works closely with the industry to continuously enhance its services and give customers greater value.

Image Credit: Peckish


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