London-based, ClimateTech software startup, Renewabl, has completed £1.1 million in a Pre-seed funding round.

With participation from Syndicate Room and several strategic angel investors, the investment round was co-led by South Pole, QVentures, and Portfolion.

To prepare for European expansion, the London business plans to use the funding to enhance its hourly-matched renewable energy certificate platform.

“We are eager to get started and solve a pressing issue around greenwashing and questions that a lot of the corporate sector are asking right now: where do my certificates come from,” stated Juan Pablo Cerda, CEO, and Founder. Do they contribute to my sustainability goals? Do they have an effect? Can they be tailored to my precise dietary needs? Renewabl was created for this reason.

Verifying energy origin and timeliness is essential as a business commitment to renewable energy increases and government programs like CDP and RE100 are put into action, according to Harveer Bharaj, Principal at QVentures. We’re thrilled to help Juan Pablo and Nikolaj as they reinvent energy provenance for businesses thanks to Renewabl’s 24/7 energy platform.

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Juan Pablo Cerda and Nikolaj Martyniuk’s innovative climate technology company, Renewabl, is revolutionizing how businesses achieve their decarbonization objectives. By directly matching renewable energy certificates from legitimate wind and solar farms on a round-the-clock basis, cutting-edge technology enables the quick and secure achievement of decarbonization targets.

Renewabl, which operates throughout the UK and Europe, gives businesses access to hourly-matched certificates created from assets including solar, wind, hydro, and hydrogen. The platform provides a timestamped and traceable solution, verifying the provenance of certifications and compliance with efforts like CDP and RE100, by leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry knowledge.

Renewabl emerges as a crucial tool as nearly all of the top 250 firms in the world (G250) actively pursue sustainability goals and look for ways to lower their scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. It enables businesses to meet their sustainability goals while getting in-depth knowledge about the source of their energy certificates.

The UK-based ClimateTech software startup is leading the charge for a greener, more sustainable future by giving businesses the tools they need to successfully and confidently manage the challenges of decarbonization.

Image Credit: Renewabl


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