Sirius, dedicated to sustainable mining transformation, secures €1.2 million in oversubscribed pre-seed funding for groundbreaking advancements in the metals and mining industry.

The funding was led by Fund F, BlackWood, WEPA Ventures, Techstars, and several angel investors. With this significant financial backing, Sirius is poised to bring a breath of fresh air to the historically overlooked and less glamorous sector, injecting new energy and innovation into mining and metals.

This financing also accelerates the launch of their AI ‘sustainability twin’, aiming to simplify and cut time spent on sustainability data administration by 80%. The metal industry, which is crucial to the green economy, is embracing this momentous shift as a result of growing stakeholder demand.

About Sirius

Founded in 2022 by Anastasia Kuskova, Sergey Tyan, and Seva Martynov, Sirius is a cleantech startup headquartered in Amsterdam, specifically targeting the metals and mining sector.

The unique AI ‘sustainability twin’ improves how companies handle sustainability data. The founders’ experience in metals, mining, and advanced computing drives Sirius’s mission to address the industry’s sustainability challenges.

Sustainable Mining Solutions

To sustain the green economy, metal output, especially for crucial components like lithium, cobalt, and nickel, must surge sixfold. However, the industry, contributing to 12% of global CO2 emissions, grapples with ethical, social, and environmental issues. The mining industry is in the pursuit of sustainable practices, and the lagging sector necessitates solutions like Sirius. To elaborate, the platform provides a comprehensive solution to the industry’s sustainability challenges by streamlining the process of data sharing, improving team productivity, and providing insights into stakeholder needs. By doing so, the industry can achieve its sustainability goals more efficiently and effectively. In other words, Sirius is a game-changer for the mining industry, enabling it to achieve its sustainability goals while improving productivity and efficiency.

Anastasia Kuskova, CEO and co-founder of Sirius said:

“This product grew out of my frustration during my tenure as a Sustainability Officer. There aren’t many tools designed expressly for sustainability professionals working in complicated industries like manufacturing, mining, and metals. It’s a massively underutilized area that drives the energy revolution and cries out for improvement. Thus, we decided to be this shift, offering our forward-thinking clientele a fresh wave of hip and useful solutions.”

According to Nina Wöss, Managing Partner at Fund F:

“We were aware of Anastasia and the team’s lofty goals from the moment we met. At this early stage, the founder’s perfect alignment with the market sets an unmatched standard. It was evident that Sirius is a crucial, must-have solution to support the transition to a low carbon world.”

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Martin Olczyk, Managing Director of Techstars, added:

“We are excited to embark on a second investment journey with Sirius. The group stands out for how well it performed during our three-month accelerator program and for its outstanding post-program trajectory. Not only have they achieved great strides, but they have also attracted customers from throughout the world. Sirius excels with market insight, delivering an innovative product that fills a significant competitive gap. We firmly believe in their team’s prowess and their top-notch product, poised to tackle this immense and swiftly expanding challenge. Sirius is not just a company; it’s a game-changer in its area.”

Carl-Luis Rieger, MD of WEPA Ventures said:

“Today’s industrial companies provide tremendous potential, but also enormous responsibilities, for Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs). In today’s shift towards robust sustainability in all aspects of a company, we think the Sirius team and their cutting-edge product offering are at the vanguard of changing how CSOs produce value and allow them to concentrate on what matters. Thus, we are confident that Sirius will play a significant role in the enterprise software stack for sustainability.”

BlackWood Ventures CEO Bastian R. Larsen said:

“Sirius aligns with our dedication to purposeful innovation, addressing a critical need in the sustainable mining arena. Anastasia Kuskova and the Sirius team have taken proactive steps to close gaps by offering a customized solution tailored to the fundamental requirements of this ‘hard-to-abate’ sector. We enthusiastically engage in bolstering sustainable mining initiatives, collaboratively propelling positive industry transformation.”

Image Credit: Sirius


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