Hedepy, an online psychotherapy & mental wellness platform that already connects hundreds of therapists worldwide, wrapped up its biggest investment to date at the end of the previous year. The Czech-based startup has raised €1.75 Million from both new and current foreign investors, ending 2023 with a total of €3.9 Million in investment.

Hedepy’s Expansion:

Hedepy doubled its valuation from the last investment round, and for the third time, Fund Nation 1 and angel investor Leoš Navrátil invested in the company. New investors include the Hungarian Impact Ventures fund, which spearheaded the round. AspectWorks Group, a corporate client of the platform, rounds out the quartet of investors. In addition to developing its software for preventative mental healthcare, the platform intends to use the cash to expand support for corporate clients who use Hedepy for their staff.

Hedepy’s Success

Hedepy began operations in the Czech market in 2020, but in just four years, the platform has expanded to 10 more European regions, such as Finland, Greece, Romania, Poland, and Ukraine. Hedepy is the leading player in its industry in five of these markets and currently exports more than 60% of its treatments. With over 100,000 treatment sessions last year, the platform has increased by more than 200% year over year, further demonstrating the growing importance that people have on mental health care.

Comprehensive Mental Wellness

Hedepy now gives its clients an enhanced self-help zone in addition to online therapy sessions. The goal of this area is to give people a place to concentrate on prevention as well as acute problem-solving. Clients can speak with their preferred psychotherapist or take diagnostic tests that indicate as to the source of their issue or insecurity, in addition to watching instructional videos. Thus, Hedepy gives users the chance to receive all-encompassing mental health care in one location, at any time, and from virtually anywhere in the globe. To maintain mental health, prevention is essential. Early intervention can either completely avoid the issue or greatly expedite its resolution.

Impact Ventures Partner Gergő Iváncsics said:

“Hedepy stands out for not only rapidly entering eleven international markets but also for prospering and sustaining growth. We believe they can swiftly become a regional leader due to the unique integration of high-quality therapists with a self-help app, a distinctive approach to mental wellness not commonly found in Europe.”

Lukáš Krčil, CEO and co-founder of Hedepy said:

“The market is evolving; we can now concentrate on providing assistance to those in need rather than spending as much time explaining why it is crucial to look after our mental health. Insurance companies, businesses, and even educational institutions that prioritize employee health and understand that prevention is the key to success reach out to us.”

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Apart from individual treatment, the platform offers companies therapy through perks. Hedepy’s corporate clientele has increased significantly over the past year, including Havel and Partners, Ford, Multisport, Oktagon, and Unicredit Bank.

In addition, the platform last year introduced online psychiatric services, promoting mental wellness, offered in association with Unicare Medical and delivered by certified psychiatrists. Hedepy currently has more than 1,500 applicants on its waiting list across the countries it operates. All connected professionals, including therapists and psychiatrists, must meet the necessary standards, but there is still a shortage of applicants. Thus, internet therapy is gaining popularity among therapists as well as clients. They can work virtually anywhere, manage their time more effectively, and handle client difficulties that differ from those they would in their usual practice.

Image Credit: Hedepy


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