Parloa, the forefront provider of AI-powered communication for customer support, has successfully secured €61.7 million in a Series B funding round.

The round was led by Altimeter Capital and included participation from both new and returning investors, including EQT Ventures, Newion, Senovo, Mosaic Ventures, and La Famiglia Growth. With this funding, Parloa has raised $98 million in total capital, including a $21 million Series A funding round sponsored by EQT Ventures in 2023.

Malte Kosub and Stefan Oswald founded Parloa in Berlin, Germany, in 2018 to use AI to transform contact centers and upend the $500 billion call center industry. Parloa’s AI platform empowers several major companies in crucial sectors such as travel, utilities, e-commerce, and insurance. With the help of Parloa, these businesses can provide their clients with individualized, dynamic, and human-like experiences, cutting down on the amount of time that clients must wait while staff members’ busy work is automated.

Parloa’s Success:

After experiencing three years of sales growth and successfully launching into the US market in 2023 with the opening of its first office outside of Europe in New York, Parloa makes this statement. Parloa signed several Fortune 200 corporations in less than six months. Further, financing will help Parloa enhance its products and sustain growth in high-growth countries like the US and Europe.

We agree with Parloa’s concept of AI-powered customer experiences and see great potential in the company. After conducting a thorough analysis of the market, we feel that Parloa is a clear leader because of its highly skilled staff and its commitment to concentrating on the most important components of the customer experience stack. They have not only gained the confidence of some of the biggest companies in the world, but they have also arrived in a way that maximizes capital. Apoorv Agrawal, a partner at Altimeter Capital, stated, “We are excited to collaborate with Parloa to expand their influence worldwide.

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Malte Kosub, co-founder and CEO of Parloa, said:

“We are extremely excited about this financing round, as it will allow us to make a significant leap forward in improving the customer service experience for everyone and setting new standards for the communication between customers and enterprises. As one of the most reputable tech investors in the world, Altimeter Capital’s operational, financial, and strategic expertise will help us scale in new markets, accelerate our growth, and improve our AI-powered communication platform and product line-up.”

Mr. Kosub continued, saying:

“We are excited that our new partners share our ambition to empower AI agents to interact with customers in a personal, proactive, and autonomous manner, revolutionizing the customer experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) agents are progressing beyond inflexible, scripted voicebots to offer customized responses & interactions. We bring back the joy of calling companies.”

Partners Statements:

Ralph Haupter, President of Microsoft EMEA, stated:

“For many years, Parloa has utilized Microsoft Azure for its solutions and maintains a close collaboration with the company. Consequently, Parloa stands out as a remarkable example of a European AI company leveraging the Microsoft Azure infrastructure, delivering unique benefits to its customers while pursuing its growth ambitions. Moreover, Parloa’s technology for customer service enhances the customer experience by freeing up agents to focus on intricate and significant issues.”

Furthermore, Parloa has formed strategic alliances with top international consulting organizations like PwC and KPMG. These collaborations are essential to helping businesses adopt Parloa’s cutting-edge solutions and transform with AI.

Partner at EQT Ventures Doreen Huber commented:

“Parloa’s potential to leave a significant impact in this multibillion-dollar business is highlighted by their remarkable and consistent market performance and clear forward momentum. Moreover, we’re excited to be working with the team as they continue to drive innovation and transform the way companies engage with their customers.”

Jens Rassloff, Chairman of the Board of Parloa, continued:

“For companies and partners, the Parloa platform is an excellent solution for deploying generative AI in customer communication quickly, easily, and securely.”

Image Credit: Parloa


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