finmid, a trailblazer in B2B Embedded Finance infrastructure, has emerged from stealth mode, announcing €35 million in initial equity funding.

The funding comes from Blossom Capital, Earlybird VC, and Max Tayenthal, the founder of N26. Along with the money, finmid also reports that it has teamed up with Wolt, a well-known European digital business for its local commerce platform.

finmid was founded in 2021 by Max Schertel and Alexander Talkanitsa and is revolutionizing small business banking by empowering B2B software providers to provide financing options to their clients quickly and risk-free. finmid partners may provide their SMBs with an expanding array of capital and payment solutions they require to grow with just a few lines of code.

Empowering SMB Financing:

Europe’s SMBs are struggling to close a €400 billion funding deficit. Despite employing over 90 million people and contributing approximately 60% of the continent’s gross value added, banks and other service providers frequently overlook smaller businesses. finmid provides a more specialized and efficient digital-first service that a new generation of entrepreneurs has grown to anticipate, challenging banks’ one-size-fits-all strategy.

finmid allows hundreds of expanding companies to get funding without requiring them to submit to complicated procedures, fill out numerous forms, or have low acceptance rates. Through the B2B platforms they utilize daily, they can directly access monies in less than a day. Real-time data and in-depth industry knowledge—something that challenger and mainstream banks lack—are the foundation for decisions. The market benefits from the creation of new revenue sources and a long-term strategy for client retention.

Max Schertel, Co-Founder of finmid, stated:

“For hundreds of years, banks served as outposts where local businesses could get bespoke banking solutions. Small and medium-sized enterprises have been left behind by the remote and impersonal banking that has emerged over the last few decades of consolidation. finmid aims to restore business financing to the operational level of firms. finmid allows any B2B software platform to extend credit to its clients, strengthening current connections and fostering business expansion with a mere few lines of code.”

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Co-founder of finmid, Alexander Talkanitsa, continued, stating:

“Traditional banking will no longer be the main source of funding for businesses. Banks continue to hold the largest capital stock, but they have difficulty allocating it effectively. We need a new banking system now. Because of their connections to thousands of companies, we think B2B software platforms will be the financial services industry’s distribution channel of the future. Furthermore, these platforms can access real-time data, which facilitates more efficient user interactions. We’re looking at a modern approach to business finance by utilizing the broad reach, data insights, and connections these platforms uphold in addition to financial capital.”

finmid has struck partnerships with some of the most well-known platforms in the world and tripled its revenue in the last three months. With the additional funds, platforms will be able to provide users with a more seamless user experience and more financing alternatives, all while continuing to grow and onboard clients throughout key European regions.

Partners Endorsements:

Blossom Capital’s founder and managing partner, Ophelia Brown, made the following observation:

“B2B software platforms must use financial services to better serve and retain their customers and boost their margins to remain competitive. Understanding the significance of this, Europe’s most inventive and progressive companies are increasingly looking to finmid as the ideal partner to help them realize their goals. The creators of finmid’s have great potential and the reputation and track record to execute on it, so we’re thrilled to be joining Max, Alex, and their team in their journey.”

Additionally, Wolt’s CPO, Vincent Ho-Tin-Noe, said:

“We’re always looking for ways to support our merchant partners and help them succeed. By working with finmid, we can give our partners simple, flexible access to extra funding, enabling them to grow their businesses or have a safety net in case things become rough. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and we’re excited to witness the value this program can generate moving forward.”

About finmid:

finmid, headquartered in Berlin, provides financial services infrastructure for forward-thinking businesses. The infrastructure enables companies to offer financing to business customers at scale, driving revenue and customer retention. finmid’s API and simple dashboard lets businesses build flexible finance solutions with best-in-class user experience.

Image Credit: finmid


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