Amsterdam-based Formitable, a platform to enhance customer experience through loyalty and reservation solutions, and Zenchef, a Paris-based company that develops tech solutions for the restaurant industry, announced their collaboration to become a European leader in restaurant technology.

Formitable is a platform for growth. Through loyalty and reservation systems, it aids restaurants in growing and enhancing the dining experience for their patrons. The business asserts to be the dominant force in the Dutch market.

Additionally, it operates in all of Europe with a major emphasis on Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. The platform debuted its “Table” app in 2021. The table is quickly overtaking OpenTable as the most popular restaurant app in the Netherlands and Belgium with over 150,000 users.

In 2010, Xavier Zeitoun, Thomas Zeitoun, and Julien Balmont founded Zenchef. It encourages the restaurant sector’s digitalization. Because of its owner-centric strategy, respect for personal data, and lack of commissions on reservations, Zenchef claims that businesses in more than 15 countries trust it.

Both businesses have made it their mission to support the industry by creating cutting-edge software and solutions that help restaurants grow sustainably and forge enduring relationships with their patrons.

They have also been driving the digitalization of the sector and have developed into significant partners for restaurants. More than 3,500 restaurants have signed up for Formitable, and 7,500 restaurants from more than 15 countries, including more than 200 Michelin-starred chefs, have signed up for Zenchef.

To improve customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and increase restaurant productivity, Zenchef and Formitable offer B2B2C SaaS solutions to patrons and establishments. Both businesses claim that by working together as a single entity, they will be able to offer their consumers more cutting-edge solutions and better value than ever before.

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The companies said in a statement that by utilizing their complementary products, such as platforms and mobile applications, as well as their technology and go-to-market capabilities, they would also increase their presence among restaurant owners and customers throughout Europe.

Formitable and Zenchef want to expand and take over as the biggest company in Europe. The companies will dominate their respective markets in France and the Netherlands with 11,000 restaurants spread across 30 nations in Europe. Additionally, by joining forces, Zenchef and Formitable will be able to continue growing in important markets across the continent.

“By combining forces, we will be able to harness our capabilities and expand our reach to become the leading platform for restaurants and customers across Europe,” says Xavier Zeitoun, CEO of Zenchef. We are excited to work with Raymond and his team to further the restaurant industry’s digital revolution.

By combining their digital solutions, extensive networks, geographic reach, and astute acquisitions, Zenchef and Formitable claim they will be able to connect with 35,000 restaurants across Europe by the end of 2025. The group’s position as the continent’s leader will be significantly strengthened by achieving this tactical goal.

According to Raymond Wilders, the CEO of Formitable, “The restaurant business has changed significantly since Covid. Restaurant owners all across the world are now aware of their company’s full potential. Software developers like Zenchef and Formitable can thrive in that environment.

“By combining forces, we quickly deepen our presence across Europe, innovate more successfully, and advance the industry with greater impact,” Raymond Wilders continued. We take satisfaction in setting the standard as a single organization in Europe even if we are only beginning to assist restaurants in growing responsibly.

This alliance is consistent with recent financial initiatives made by both Zenchef and Formitable to quicken the speed of their international expansion. Zenchef received funding from PSG Equity in September 2022, and Adriaan Mol joined Formitable as a new investor. PSG Equity will hold the vast majority of the equity in the combined company after the two companies are merged.

Zenchef and Formitable will continue to operate independently under their respective trademarks for the time being. In addition, Xavier Zeitoun and Raymond Wilders will continue to lead Zenchef and Formitable, respectively, with the joint objective of keeping both platforms at the top of both their established and developing markets.

Image Credit: Formitable



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