Hadrian, a cybersecurity start-up with offices in Amsterdam and London that provides real-time exposure monitoring and automated security testing, has received further funding from ABN AMRO Ventures.

The venture capital investing division of ABN AMRO is called ABN AMRO Ventures. The amount of the funding has not been made public.

“From day one, there was an obvious link with our solution offering and their security concerns,” claims Rogier Fischer, CEO of Hadrian. This investment demonstrates that our solution is no longer in alpha and is providing value to big businesses. We will accomplish our goal of providing real-time exposure management to one billion digital assets much sooner thanks to ABN AMRO Ventures.

Over the past ten years, digital infrastructures have expanded and now contain tens of thousands of digital endpoints, including ABN AMRO’s. Cybercriminals are now automating their operations to target thousands of businesses at once, which is changing the nature of cyber attacks as well.

Automation is the most dependable and durable technique, according to ABN AMRO, of continuously scanning the entire attack surface for these new threats. Hadrian is required in this situation.

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For security teams to address these issues, the organization automatically maps exposed assets, identifies hazards, and prioritizes remediation.

After observing red teams struggling to stay up with AI-based cyberattacks, a group of hackers and developers launched Hadrian.

“What’s interesting about what Hadrian is doing is they solved an impossible puzzle: discovering holes in a complicated network with human-like precision, at scale, from the outside, and continually,” says Tiago Teles, Security Lead of ABN AMRO.

“They can figure out for thousands of systems in minutes what it usually takes a dedicated team of security engineers a few weeks to perform for one system. This transforms how CISOs of businesses with complicated IT footprints decide where to invest their money for a small fraction of the price,” continues Teles.

Olivier Beg, Rogier Fischer, Tijl van Vliet, and Maurice Clin founded Hadrian in 2021 intending to modernize proactive security and transform security insights into autonomous, scalable systems.

Through its AI-driven testing SaaS platform, it provides automated security insights and facilitates precise attack surface management and risk prioritization.

According to Hadrian, the technology’s modular design mixes ML and AI components to faithfully imitate a hacker’s inventiveness. The technology can scan billions of assets every day to produce insights on digital dangers and attack vectors that are nearly real-time.

Clear defense priorities are included in Hadrian’s data stream, which fits well with current CISO workflow tech stacks.

Their team, which consists of hackers and engineers from more than 20 different countries, is committed to developing a more rapid, accurate, and scalable solution to offensive security.

The corporate venture fund for ABN AMRO is called ABN AMRO Ventures. It supports tech companies that are leaders in the digitization of infrastructure, products, and financial services. Over 20 companies, including DFNS, Doconomy, Oper, Quantexa, Solaris, and Upvest, have previously benefited from investments made by the fund.

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