Deltia, a Berlin-based computer vision software company, recently secured €4.5 million in a seed funding round aimed at enhancing manufacturing efficiency.

The round was led by Cavalry Ventures, with additional support from existing investor Merantix. Additionally, several prominent investors include Nico Peters, Willi Tscheschner, Max Viessmann, Walter Kortschak, Christian Dahlen, Edward Grefenstette, Robin Capital, and Combination Ventures.

Maximilian Fischer and Silviu Homoceanu founded Deltia in 2022 to optimize manual industrial processes such as assembly, packaging, and machinery adjustments through artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology. By increasing the productivity and efficiency of the current staff and procedures, the startup’s solutions seek to alleviate the shortage of trained workers.

Underscoring the revolutionary nature of their technology, Deltia CEO and co-founder Maximilian Fischer, stated:

“Our vision propels us towards a future where proficient workers receive support from cutting-edge technology, enhancing efficiency and facilitating effective communication of their expertise.”

Future Vision:

With this investment, Deltia will be in a strong position to drive the industrial revolution by utilizing AI to support and enhance the workforce. This will pave the way for a time when the combined power of human abilities and AI innovation will push productivity and excellence to unprecedented levels.

The funding will improve AI capabilities for manufacturing processes, speed up customer onboarding, and integrate data from client IT systems. Further, over the next 18 to 24 months, Deltia intends to grow its go-to-market team to reach additional manufacturers with its product, focusing on sectors including logistics, electronics manufacturing efficiency, and machinery manufacturing.

The cutting-edge platform from Deltia finds inefficiencies in operations by analyzing variables like hand movements and cycle times and suggests ways to improve efficiency. Moreover, the technology complies with stringent European data protection regulations to guarantee data confidentiality and privacy. Further, it operates lightweight neural networks on edge devices inside the plants.

Claude Ritter, Managing Partner at Cavalry Ventures, said:

“Human expertise remains unparalleled, and AI serves as a valuable assistant—supporting and improving the workforce. Together, human capabilities and AI innovation pave the way for a future where this collaboration propels productivity and excellence to new heights.”

Rasmus Rothe, co-founder of Merantix, said:

“The customers that Deltia works with are the backbone of European industry and are faced with huge transformational challenges. Moreover, thanks to its deep technical expertise and domain knowledge, Deltia is set up to be the leader in this much-needed industrial revolution.”

Image Credit: Deltia


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