Following its triumph in the Netherlands and Belgium, JOIN, an adaptable cycling app for personalized training regimens for recreational cyclists, declared the acquisition of €1.5 Million in funding from a Dutch financier with expertise in the wellness, physical fitness, and technology sectors.

Global Expansion Plans

With the support of the investment, the technology startup plans to grow internationally in the US and the UK, bolster its staff, and enhance its product offerings. Running alongside cycling is becoming a common activity for cyclists who are becoming “multi-athletes,” and JOIN will provide the same combination of training regimens on the app. The intended launch date for this feature is mid-2024.

The business also intends to expand internationally. JOIN’s primary goal is to dominate the recreational cycling markets in the UK and the US, which have four and five times as many riders as the Netherlands and Belgium, respectively. The technological business plans to raise money again in the middle of 2025.

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Jim van den Berg, a skilled trainer and former professional cyclist, launched JOIN in 2020 with the mission of giving recreational riders everywhere the resources they need to enhance their performance and achieve their objectives quickly and intensely.

Personalized Training Experience

Users of the app get access to over 400 workouts created by qualified instructors. A personal objective they want to strive toward and their availability for training are the next things they are asked to add when building their profile, along with other details about their level, experience, and physique. JOIN serves as a virtual AI training coach around the clock and automatically generates a personalized training regimen based on this input. Following every workout, users have the option to manually enter performance data or upload statistics using a variety of connections, including those from Strava, Garmin, Trainingpeaks, Wahoo, and Zwift. The JOIN dashboard provides a visual picture of each rider’s progress and developments, along with comparisons to other riders who have already downloaded the app and an estimate of their Functional Threshold Power (FTP), or maximum power per hour.

The software is exceptional in its flexibility and adaptability due to its clever algorithm. JOIN’s training programs adapt automatically to riders’ performance, adjusting for missed sessions or surpassing pre-planned mileage. Furthermore, the app consistently offers users advice on how to do better. Finally, users have the option to join pre-existing cycling groups, form groups plan group rides, and share their workouts and statistics with others.

When all the features are combined, JOIN eliminates the frequent excuses for giving up cycling, such as overtraining, injuries, and lack of time, and it gives every cyclist the flexibility, personalization, and accessibility to reach their goals.

Success Stories and Ambassadors

For iOS and Android, JOIN is available in five different languages. More than 100,000 bikers have downloaded and used the app since its 2020 launch; it has a 4.7/5 rating in app stores. Nearly 60,000 cyclists have successfully finished the JOIN training program, and several of their podium finishes have come from ambassadors like Laurens ten Dam and Thijs Zonneveld.

Image Credit: JOIN


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