Smart Kiwi, a data intelligence platform for shared mobility businesses has closed a pre-seed round of £250K. SFC Capital, the most active seed-stage investor in the UK, led the funding round. Plug & Play and Startup Wise Guys are additional investors.

The funding will be used by Smart Kiwi to create a demand prediction algorithm that optimizes resource allocation and boost shared mobility operators’ profitability.

“The investment from SFC Capital will allow Smart Kiwi to expand and enable shared mobility firms to make the most of their resources. We are aware firsthand of the slim profit margins in the shared mobility industry, and we aim to help as many companies as we can with our data and real-time analysis,” according to Angelo Delle Piane, CEO and co-founder of Smart Kiwi.

“We are thrilled to engage with Smart Kiwi to enable shared mobility firms to optimize their data and resources,” says Ed Stevenson, investment manager at SFC Capital. Understanding how these companies function and what is best for them depends heavily on Angelo and Murat’s ten years of experience working with startup companies in the shared mobility space. I’m interested to see what comes next with Smart Kiwi.

Young startup Smart Kiwi was established in London this year. Its creators, Angelo Delle Piane and Murat Derya Ozen are tech industry veterans with a wealth of startup experience in the shared mobility space.

Shared mobility startups have made numerous attempts to enhance their hardware and physical resources, such as extending battery life and adding more durable and robust materials. Additionally, for firms to increase their profits, software updates and data optimization are crucial.

Angelo and Murat developed Smart Kiwi after realizing that the crucial next step would be to enhance the current program and maximize the data feeding it to produce accurate demand estimates.

Smart Kiwi develops demand forecasting models for shared mobility firms using any fixed asset that generates demand, be it e-scooters, bikes, mopeds, or vehicles, using its data intelligence platform.

It creates cutting-edge data intelligence products for transportation, logistics, and other industries. By using machine learning and spatially predictive modeling to estimate demand, the company’s new SaaS platform aids shared mobility companies in optimizing their fleet distribution, which raises ridership and lowers expenses.

Based on predicted demand, the software also offers guidance on when to lower vehicle prices in specific places to make them more alluring to buyers.

With the help of this, Smart Kiwi can anticipate where and how much demand there will likely be in a particular location at a given moment. The concept can also be applied by mobility businesses to improve warehouse operations.

Image Credit: Smart Kiwi


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