Runna, a personalized running coaching app & fitness solution located in London, has raised £1.9 million in funding to lead the global running coaching market.

The investment round was led by Jon Coker, founding partner at Eka Ventures, With participation from Fortitude, Marc Cohen (single partner at unbundled vc), and others.

Joshua Patterson, a two-time world record holder, former Made in Chelsea actor, and ultra-athlete, as well as British Olympic marathon runner Stephanie Davis and Irish rugby union player Gregory O’Shea, are also investors in the app. With this addition, Runna has now received £2.55 million in investment.

Fitness Solution, Runna is an organization that intends to disrupt the fitness industry and transform the way people exercise. It was founded by best friends Dom Maskell and Ben Parker with the vision of sharing their love of running. In 2023, the money will be used to build Runna’s business in the UK and enter the US market.

Runna customizes each user’s experience depending on their ability, goals, and schedule by combining cutting-edge coaching technology with practical conditioning, running, and strengthening plans and routines from top running coaches.

From those wishing to start their running experience with a free couch to a 5k training plan or improve their 5k times to those looking to train for their first marathon or work their way up to the multi-day marathon and ultramarathon schedules, the app has everything that everyday runners would require. The app is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play and presently syncs with Apple, COROS, and Garmin watches.

“Everyone at Runna is beyond happy with the success in such a short period, and we have to thank our users and investors for their constant support,” said Dom Maskell, co-founder of Runna. We’re committed to making running as accessible as we can be to people of all backgrounds, body kinds, and fitness levels to share the advantages of running with as many people as we can.

“The support of Joshua Patterson, Gregory O’Shea, Stephanie Davis, and many others, among them, is a powerful affirmation and evidence that athletes in top physical form also embrace our strategy and outlook towards running. In 2023, we can’t wait to expand our network and meet even more fascinating people.

Image Credit: Runna


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