Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II, a €75 million fund launched by Amsterdam-based Carbon Equity, is a platform for investing in climate venture capital and private equity.

Investors will be able to gain exposure to a portfolio of more than 150 climate innovation businesses across a variety of climate-related industries, including energy generation, manufacturing, food and land use, transportation, construction, and the carbon economy.

Additionally, it will support the by partnering with 7–10 top-tier climate funds in North America and Europe and by allowing users of its app to track portfolio firms in real-time.

Investors can now invest in Carbon Equity’s Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II. Fundraising will continue through 2023 or until it is fully subscribed, whichever comes first.

“In the decade ahead, demand for carbon-free alternatives from consumers, businesses, and governments will drive a big wave of innovation across all sectors,” predicts Jacqueline van den Ende, co-founder, and CEO of Carbon Equity.

In the upcoming years, macroeconomic discussion and growth will be driven by climate technologies.

According to a HolonIQ analysis, climate technology will receive more than $70B in venture capital in 2022, an increase of 89% YoY.

Private investors, however, have had restricted access to venture capital and private equity firms because of high investment thresholds.

By lowering the minimum ticket sizes and streamlining the complicated private equity and venture capital markets, the Dutch platform seeks to close the gap for private investors.

Investors can invest in renowned funds including Energy Impact Partners, Lightrock, 2150, Astanor Ventures, Form Energy, Biomason, Sunfire, and Current Foods through the Carbon Equity platform.

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“Carbon Equity seeks to mobilize billions in private finance toward much-needed climate solutions by enabling millions of investors with access to unique climate investing opportunities,” adds van den Ende.

Carbon Equity has invested more than €90M across its numerous climate funds since its founding in mid-2021.

The Climate Tech Portfolio Fund I concluded successfully in December 2022, raising €42M, or 60% more than its initial €25M aim, surpassing its target size.

Jacqueline van den Ende, Tim Molendijk, Lara Koole, Jeff Gomez, and Liza Rubinsten created Carbon Equity.

Based in Amsterdam, Carbon Equity enables normal investors to contribute as little as €100,000 and soon €10,000 to top climate venture capital and private equity funds.

The startup wants to build a community of highly committed investors who are prepared to fight climate change with their money through its platform.

Image Credit: Carbon Equity


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