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See how the Advanced Protection Program by Google lets you protect your high-risk Google account with a single passkey. It is ideal for those who are a potential threat for attacks.


Google’s Advanced Protection Program will help protect your Google Account easily. Google has over the years made securing high-risk accounts easy. Until now, the Advanced Protection Program has been known to call for two physical security keys; however, now the user only needs a single passkey to set up.

Who Needs Advanced Protection?

This program focuses more on individuals who are more vulnerable to receiving an attack online. This is preferred for campaign staff or journalists who may be dealing with important information. First, two physical security keys were required to turn on the gadget.

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Steps to set it up:

  1. Visit the Setup Page: Visit the Google Advanced Protection page.
  2. Start the Process: The setup can be started by clicking on the ‘Get started’ button that is located on the software.
  3. Choose Your Method: Lastly, you must choose a passkey or a physical security key.

Why Use a Passkey?

For this case, Google added the sign-in choice with passkeys in 2023. This method enables one to log in without using a password by using device recognition, especially using fingerprints on a Pixel phone/ iPhone.

Recovery Methods:

Contrary to other browsers, Google needs recovery options in case of a lockout. You can give a phone number, an e-mail address, or the second passkey if you want to get materialized access once again.

Simple Authentication Process:

It is rather easy to get the program organized. For instance, using an iPhone just click a QR code that is displayed in your browser and authenticate it using the Face ID.

Image Credit: Google


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