Elektra Health, a HealthTech startup specializing in menopause care, unveils a $3.3 million investment round.

UPMC Enterprises, the company’s innovation and venture capital division, led the round. Additionally, with the use of a complete care model, the round, in which Wavemaker 360 and previous investors Flare Capital Partners and Seven Seven Six Fund participated, seeks to close the menopause care gap. Elektra now has $7.6 million in total equity financing thanks to the additional funding.

Alessandra Henderson and Jannine Versi co-founded Elektra Health, which provides telemedicine and continuous assistance from menopausal specialists known as “menopause doulas“.

Alessandra Henderson, co-founder of Elektra Health, stated:

“Elektra Health’s three core pillars – education, care, and community – lay the foundation for women to not only understand menopause but also to take actionable steps to optimize their long-term health and wellness.”

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Elektra Health plans to leverage the additional funding to extend its evidence-based care delivery platform to other markets, self-insured businesses, and payers. Thus far, the organization has collaborated with organizations such as EmblemHealth and Mass General Brigham Health Plan. Further, the platform’s extension of care delivery now aims to address a critical gap in women’s health, focusing on the underserved area of menopause and associated chronic illnesses.

Kathryn Heffernan, Senior Director at UPMC Enterprises, said:

“UPMC is interested in investing in solutions that focus on empowering women, and Elektra proved to have all the elements UPMC values in this space: evidence-based education and care that prioritizes women’s health needs and drives outcomes. The Elektra platform aims to close a gap and offer fresh perspectives on bolstering the doctor-patient bond while women navigate the menopause transition.”

Jannine Versi, co-founder of Elektra Health, said:

“We’re thrilled to have UPMC joining as lead investor for this round. Their commitment to providing comprehensive care for women throughout their lives, encompassing menopause and the combined health requirements of an elderly population that has received inadequate attention until now, is truly remarkable.”

Image Credit: Elektra Health


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